My Perspective

We operate in an interconnected, ever-changing ecosystem where effective collaboration catalyzes and expands social change. We address the world's most pressing problems, and we need to leverage the most effective and adaptive strategies to reach our full potential.

We are in the social change sector to make lasting impact. We don't have time to be stagnant or allow dysfunction to derail our work. But, sometimes we find our internal struggles jeaopardize our work and impact. The good news, is we can swiftly assess, realign, and reengage.

That's what I help with. 

There are multiple proven frameworks, tools, and systems that I harness in order to support my clients, but ensuring clear, effective, and engaging communication is at the core of everything I do. Here are some guiding principles that drive my engagement.

I Believe Top Performing Teams and Organizations:

  • Have deeply understood and shared purpose;
  • Value, seek-out, and prioritize the voices, experience, and wisdom of those most affected;
  • Act and speak in direct alignment with the organization's shared vision and values;
  • Prioritize learning and consistently seek feedback;
  • Test their assumptions early and often; 
  • Work with, not simply for, others;
  • Speak with, not at, to, or ever over, others;
  • Harness the power of storytelling to inspire, mobilize, and engage;
  • Leverage the power of technology and data to help assess and enhance their work;
  • Cultivate a thriving, inclusive, and diverse team and work culture, where each contributor's skills and capacities are celebrated and cultivated;
  • Have clearly established roles, responsibilities, and decision making processes that are transparent and honored;
  • Value colleagues' results and invest in their sustainability; 
  • Have empowered, engaged staff who see their contributions advancing the mission;
  • Ensure equity in the distribution of work and resources; and,
  • Invest in systemic change to help ensure lasting impact.

My Approach

All of my work is tailored to my client's context, culture, and capacity. I work with organizations that are ready to assess their assumptions, enhance their culture, and streamline their work in order to create more impact. They have determined that it is the right time to make the strategic investment of their limited time and resources.

Each collaboration starts with interviews to learn the organization's current assessment of need, and its desires for an external advisor. We collaboratively explore options for our engagement, mark milestones, and map-out timelines. Once the scope of work is crystalized and agreed upon, I conduct a series of interviews and surveys with staff, board, and stakeholders to capture themes and insights. Then, I distill and share the top themes and needs, and work with a strategic planning leadership team to design an optimal, engaging agenda for a multi-day, multi-stakeholder convening. 

I design and facilitate interactive all-team and small-group exercises that illuminate needs and opportunities for change. I create an environment and experience that enables everyone to share their truths and understand and honor others' perspectives. We go in the process with a series of questions and concerns. We leave with shared clarity and actionable plans with realistic milestones that help us recalibrate and realign our actions and behaviors.

It is a phenomenal process that reignites purpose, deepens relationships, and transforms teams. 

My Invitation 

If you're here, there's a reason. Let's explore it.

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