Art of Facilitation 

I tailor workshops to help new and seasoned facilitators integrate tips, tactics, and exercises that cultivate mutual respect, trust, and purpose. If you are facilitating meetings or stakeholder gatherings and want to further enhance your skills to optimize peer-to-peer collaboration, let's talk. 

Training of Trainers

The training-of-trainers methodology I implement ensures others -- particularly those most affected by, or closest to an issue -- are set-up to train and mentor others in their community. If you are exploring how to develop and implement a training-of-trainers program, I would love to support you. 

Storytelling for Change Workshops

Storytelling is at the heart of all social change. Without a good story, we don't change hearts, minds, or behavior. 

Ranging from one to ten days, our storytelling workshops are rooted in over a decade of successful collaborations with social change campaigns. With a specialization in supporting human rights defenders and communities at risk, our workshops don’t just focus on how to get great footage or amplify a powerful story, but how to work safely and ethically to best protect everyone involved. Whether for first-time or experienced video advocates, our expertise ensures we customize each training to best equip participants with the strategy and skills they need.