Over the past 15 years, I have facilitated dozens of multi-stakeholder convenings across 5 continents. From 15 to 150-plus participants, I know how to ensure you maximize your time, resources, and opportunity. If you are uniting a group of changemakers for a thematic gathering, staff retreat, or unconference, I'd love to help.

What You Get When We Unite Forces 

Empowering Facilitation 

My participatory model of facilitation is inclusive and dynamic. You won't see power points, lectures, or slides. Rather, you'll have a transformative experience where each person in the room is fully present, learning, and sharing with active ears and open minds.

You will have a hard time being more inspired, engaged, and productive in a conference room.  

Building Trust through Actions

It can be difficult to authentically collaborate without established trust. However, I have 15 years of experience tailoring my approach to demanding contexts on five continents with great results. I enable participants to swiftly align intentions in order to collaborate through immersive exercises, conversation circles, and shared actions. 


Tailored Pre-Event Engagement  

What's the first step in ensuring a great event? Establishing a shared understanding as to the purpose, objectives, and process you will have to ensure it is a success. Sadly, this step is often overlooked, or not optimally assessed or shared.

I help partners design and roll-out seamless surveys and engagement strategies to test assumptions and reinforce their event's goals, participants' roles, and desired outcomes. If needed, I conduct one-on-one interviews with staff, key stakeholders, and allies to gain a deeper understanding of any hopes, needs, and tensions.

Post-Event Transparency and Accountability  

In addition to ensuring event conveners clarify desired outcomes and design an agenda that moves the group to action, I help participants crystalize and prioritize post-event activities. By working with clients and stakeholders well in advance of the gathering, we jointly develop an easy, efficient process to ensure transparency and accountability. After each event, everyone will have a shared understanding of who is doing what, who will be consulted, and when the work will be delivered. 

Documentation that Enables Implementation 

So many pearls of wisdom, yet so little shared documentation. This is a common problem I have seen and experienced at other peoples' events. Not ours.

From the outset, I design a documentation strategy with our clients to ensure key insights, suggested actions, and next steps are documented. If it is an action-focused event, I work with clients to map out a project management process to ensure next steps are clear, actionable, and attainable.

Learning-Focused Evaluation

Convening a group of people can be costly -- and not just financially. People take time away from their families, work, and personal lives and invest it with us. If the event wasn't worth their time, trust may be eroded and future work may be jeopardized. 

In order to learn participants' assessment of the event, we jointly design and implement an informative evaluation process to learn what we should replicate, and what steps we can take to enhance future events. 

I celebrate lessons and prioritize working with learning-minded clients who value reflection and solicit feedback in order to improve. If you agree, let's work together.